A La Ronde: Grand Tour Postcard Competition

As part of the Writing Places project at A La Ronde, we are running a postcard competition. To enter, follow the instructions below. Anyone can enter and there are categories for children and adults. The closing date for entries is September 16th 2016 so get your entries in before then.

a) Draw your favourite object from A La Ronde on the front of a blank postcard, then write a message about why you would like to go on a Grand Tour and what you would bring back with you.

b) Draw your favourite object from A La Ronde on the front of a blank postcard, then write a postcard from that object to the Parminter cousins. Use the questions below to help you work out the character of your object.

Here are some questions from Jane (A La Ronde Writer in Residence) to help you:

  1. What sort of material is it made of?
  2. What colour is it?
  3. Who made it? (you can make this up!)
  4. What would it have been used for (if anything)?
  5. Why do you like it in particular? (Does it remind you of something of your own? Or something you’d like to possess? Or of a person? Is it beautiful? Is it weird?)
  6. Where do you think it is from?
  7. Why do you think the Parminters might have brought it home? Why did it catch their eye?


Pick up a postcard on your travels and send it to A La Ronde. Say where you are and what it’s like, then tell us what you are planning to bring back from your travels.

Please specify clearly on your postcard what age group you are, and include an email address so that we can contact you if you are a winner.

 Finally, put a stamp on your postcard and post it to A La Ronde, Summer Lane, Exmouth, Devon EX8 5BD. There are also postboxes at the house if you visit that you can post your entry in.

Winners will be announced in four categories:


14-17 yrs

11-13 yrs

Under 10’s

In each category there will be a winner who will receive a £20 book token, and two runners up, who’ll receive a £10 book token each. The postcards will go on to form an exhibition at the house in October.






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