Competition Winner Announced

Boris Starling, Writer In Residence at Max Gate during 2015 has chosen the winner of the ’88 Words’ competition he ran as part of his residency.

The remit was to write a poem of 88 words inspired by Hardy’s own short story entitled Life’s Little Ironies. The winner is Eleanor Smith from Weymouth in Dorset whose poem, Realignment wins her a copy of The Customs House by Andrew Motion. Congratulations to Eleanor and many thanks to all who entered.

Nothing became something when you left.
Years of squashing and slicing at my soul,
with your ‘won’t eat this slop’ smashing on the wall.
Crippling words tumbling down unmade beds.
Lank hair wrapped around haunted eyes,
days of despair, dragging daytime tv,
surreal advert-tickled images to taunt me.
Then came slicked hair, aftershave, hazy tang of perfume.
Your belly pulled in, striding, Jack the lad .
Leaves me alone, snoring pig.
l disgust him, he says, as he packs.
Door slams.
At last!  I cry.
Life begins.

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