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200th anniversary of the first publication of Coleridge’s Kubla Khan

Watch Ian McMillan reading Kubla Khan at Coleridge Cottage in the anniversary year of it’s publication.

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Ian McMillan reads Frost at Midnight

Coleridge Cottage glows with candlelight as the poet Ian McMillan reads Coleridge’s evocative poem ‘Frost at Midnight’ in front of the very place it is believed to have been written. The 17th Century cottage in Nether Stowey is now a Grade II listed building. After renting it in 1797 Samuel Taylor Coleridge wrote many of his greatest works and it was here that the Romantic movement truly began during visits by and lively debates with Wordsworth and other of the movements luminaries. Read more…

February brings us a Samuel Taylor Coleridge poem from The Poetry Archive recorded especially for the Writing Places project.

This Lime Tree Bower My Prison (1797) is read by Sir Andrew Motion.

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Coleridge Cottage: Activity, ‘Welcome to my Pleasure Dome’

As part of the Writing Places Project, we are pleased to a number of workshops and activities at Coleridge Cottage organised by our Writer-in-Residence Rose Collis. Read more…

Flash Fiction writing Exercise: Coleridge Cottage

The year is 1797 and Samuel Taylor Coleridge is immersed in writing his epic poem, The Rime of the Ancient Mariner. His creative life is flourishing, with a little help from his new friends William and Dorothy Wordsworth and, while William and Samuel are on the road to creating a new Romantic Age in English writing, Coleridge’s marriage to Sarah is far from rosy. Write a letter about this period in Coleridge’s life…it can be from any of the main players to whomever you like….. Closing date: August 31st 2015

Email your flash fiction to (maximum 500 words) by 30th August, and we might put it up on the site (and there’ll be a small prize!)

Setting the scene for ‘Frost at Midnight’