A La RondeYou know the names of the writers, but their homes might not be so familiar to you. One of the aims of Writing Places is to reconnect people with the places that helped to inspire the great writers that are part of this project. For Agatha Christie, it was Greenway, located on the lush banks of the English Riveria, that became the bolthole for her and her family. Hardy built himself a grand house in Dorset in order to create the right kind of space for him to write in, not far from the cottage he was born in. Coleridge Cottage, a 17th century building in Somerset, was so much more than just a building to Samuel Taylor Coleridge. In it he found his quiet space that enabled him to write prolifically during the three years he spent there and A La Ronde in Devon is a jewel of a place seemingly filled with the very souls of the Parminter cousins who wrote about the lives and travels there. You can find out more about the people who made these places their homes here.

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