Zine-making with JR Carpenter at Greenway Fete

Saturday 15 September is the date of the Greenway fête which, this year, is themed around Christie’s novel Dead Man’s Folly. Bunting will adorn the Walled Garden where visitors can enjoy 1950s traditional fête stalls and activities including a coconut shy, plant stall and second-hand book stall as well as games such as ball-in-a-bucket and hook-a-duck.

There will also be a booth where J. R. Carpenter will lead the first of her writing activities: zine-making.

A zine is a small-circulation self-published work usually reproduced via photocopier.

Admission applies.

For more information about the fete, please visit the Greenway pages of the National Trust website.

Image: Fun at the Fete, National Trust/ Chris Lacey.

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